Formerly Fat Guy Motorsports


Hustler Diesel Z

Cutting Widths: 60", 60" rear discharge, 72", 72" rear discharge

Deck Height:Foot-operated. 1.5" to 5.5" (1/4" increments)

Speed (MPH):11.5

Fuel Capacity (US Gallons):14.4

Drive System:Tandem Hydro-Gear 21 cc pumps, Parker TG wheel motors, oil cooler with 8" fan

Accessories:Semi pneumatic front tires Steering lever extension kit Single/dual anti-scalp wheels Flex Forks Mulch Kit Light kit Sand kit Stripe kit Beacon Kit Flasher Kit Electric deck lift Hitch Kit Michelin X Tweel Turf

Deck Size & Engine:
Deck SizeEngine HorsepowerEngine Manufacturer
60"25 HPPerkins
60" RD25 HPPerkins
72"25 HPPerkins
72" RD25 HPPerkins